Blankets and Throws

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Pretty blankets and Throws

Decorative throw blankets are essential for any room decor, adding a pop of color, texture and cozy feel to your living room or bedroom and making your home feel like your oasis. Put your own staple on your home design and find the perfect soft and warm blanket to throw over your couch or wrap yourself in one on those cooler days.

If you're wondering how to choose the right throw blanket, don't worry, it's pretty simple.
Do bring in the same color or color palette — if you have a blue rug or curtains, for example, pick a blue throw in a lighter or darker shade. Do try to coordinate with other elements in the room (but don't go too matchy, or it will defeat the "collected" vibe of this style)

There's no getting away from these home accessories, which envelop a range of decor schemes, including farmhouse chic and cool contemporary in their plush coziness. And getting on board with this nifty trend is a snap. Just follow few simple rules:

1. Make them pop - the goal with a throw blanket is to add texture and warmth, as well as to introduce a complementary or coordinating shade to a room's color scheme. Decorative blankets enhance your decor, so bring in a new hue as an accent or mix with existing ones.

2. Warm up the bed - Bedroom throws can be folded horizontally at the foot of the bed, used as a bed runner, or draped along a bench where they're easily accessible. When it comes to these boudoir accessories, don't be afraid to opt for knitted blankets.

3. Cover up old furniture - throw blankets can hide a multitude of home decor sins, including piles of pet fur, ripped fabric, and scratched furniture legs."If you can't bear to part with a beloved piece and upholstering isn't an option, the right throw can cover the problem as well as enhance the chair.

4. Switch them out regularly for a room refresh - much the way you swap out bedding and couch pillows each season, throw blankets and turkish towels can be an easy (and cheap) way to update your home decor.

5. Take 'em outside - Wool, in particular, is a great outdoor fabric. "Look for traditional Navajo design blankets from the early 1900s, especially blankets with cool geometric designs and tassels look cozy outside. Just make sure you store them correctly. As with any outdoor furniture or accessory, you don't want your blankets ruined by the elements.